Neurodiversity Day 2024 - October 3rd 2024!

Call for Papers are Open for Neurodiversity Day 2024!

What is it?  A day of advocacy and celebration about the wide spectrum of neurodiversity.  Enlightening sessions and panels will cover topics around ADHD, Autism, dyslexia, Tourette’s, synesthesia and other developmental differences.

IT and Neurodiversity

Research has shown a higher percentage than average of neurodiversity resides in the tech industry, as the field lends itself to higher levels of success and acceptance vs. most fields.  Although the neurodiversity paradigm suggest that neurological differences are expected in all individuals throughout history, the goal of this event is to enlighten, gain support and respect.  Challenges persist, as neurodiversity is as unique as the individual, but with open communication and understanding, neurodiverse individuals not only thrive, but many offer invaluable contributions.  In the tech world, many neurodiverse individuals are often identified as the best and the brightest in their specialty.

Call for Papers is OPEN!

If you’re interested in speaking on a neurodiversity topic, we’ve opened the call for papers and look forward to your abstract!

Abstract Ideas

Examples of topics that may help as you write your own abstract:

·       Tips for succeeding with neurodiversity in the workplace.

·       Professional networking when you have Aspergers

·       Finding great managers as a neurodiverse employee

·       Navigating the corporate workplace as a neurodiverse employee for the win

·       Tools and software that makes all the difference for Dyslexia/Dysgraphia/Dyscalculia (difficulty with reading/writing/math)

·       Technology that is a win when you’re ADHD

·       What’s the difference between ADHD, Autism and do they overlap?

·       How my sensory or dyspraxia(coordination) issues are affected by the world around me.

Although there is some overlap with mental health day topics, our goal is to keep the two events separate, and we may request to hold your abstract if the talk falls more in line with the annual May event.

So, plan on submitting a talk or attending, but fly your neurodiverse flag – It’s time for us to shine!


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