Neurodiversity and the Data Platform: A Primer by Chris Voss

You may know someone who is a brilliant data wrangler and works hard, but may need special accommodations or struggles with emotional intelligence. It is quite possible that the person has an autism spectrum disorder, a diagnosis more commonplace over the last decade.

For this talk, we will look at neurodiverse behavior and empowerment, focusing on the autism spectrum and the data platform. There are qualities which make a person with autism great with data, and pitfalls in relation to job interviews and getting the most from the job. Whether you manage the person, or whether you are the person, there is something to be gained from a recognition of the differences in how one’s brain works and how some think much differently.

Chris is a data professional located in the Raleigh-Durham region of North Carolina. He has been working on data analysis and database development for around 10 years. His experience includes hacking T-SQL code, creating ETL processes for data transformation, and delivering data models and reporting solutions. He has been involved in his local SQL Server user group since 2013 and got used to presenting on occasion a few years after. In his spare time, you can spot him working within the autism spectrum community or running along a greenway.